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How to choose the right Bunk Bed for your child

Bedtime is often traumatic for parents and kids alike, but there are ways to make it easier. Making the room a welcoming, fun and personalised space for the child will help enormously.

Bunk beds are not just a practical way to make the most of a bedroom’s limited space, they are a part of childhood and of growing up. They symbolise the moving away from cots and smaller beds and the interim between young childhood and adolescence.

Create lifelong bedtime memories

Bunk beds are among the first things that a child can really call their own. And even when you are an adult, just seeing one can bring back a flood of memories and nostalgia.

Buying a bunk bed for a child doesn’t just make bedtime easier; it gives a theme and identity to a kid’s living space.

But where to start? Bunk beds can be separated into a few categories.

Different types of bunk beds


If you only need a bed for one child, mid sleepers offer all the fun of a bunk bed sleeping with extra play space beneath. They are ideal for small children and are usually about 3 feet (or roughly 1 metre) high. Mid Sleepers bring a little playtime into the bedtime, they’ll be having so much fun they will be excited about bedtime. These beds are extremely versatile; the bottom bunk can be used for play space, another bed or for storage.

High Sleepers

The traditional and familiar model of bunk bed is recognisable everywhere from kids’ rooms to hostel dorms. This is a good example of the classic design, with robust metal framing, but warmer wood for the steps. This classic design offers a low cost and practical solution to multi-bed sleeping.

Theme Bunk Beds

A theme bed is a great way to give some character to a child’s room and make bedtime a little more fun. How about this fantastic double-decker bus themed bunk bed for your little wannabe bus driver? Or if your child loves hide and seek or creating their own campsite, this bed has its own tent, tunnel, and loads of handy pockets to store bits and pieces. It’s the perfect indoor playhouse. 

Sleep Station beds

For older children sleep station beds manage to pack in loads of storage and space saving features. For example, this charming sleep station has a mid-sleeper bed, a cupboard and storage drawer all packed into a lovely contemporary wood finish. If space is really tight this mid-sleeper manages to squeeze in its own two-door wardrobe and corner study desk.

Triple Bunk Beds

A triple bunk bed has a number of very practical uses. It’s perfect for siblings of different ages, as the child who needs more space gets the roomier bunk. It’s great for sleepovers too, and it can be used for families in a guest room, as the parents can share the bottom double-bunk while their child sleeps just a few feet above them.Triple Bunk Sale

Cabin Beds

Finally, if you just need an occasional spare bed and would prefer a more regular size a Cabin Bed could be the answer. This one is ideal for when needs change (as they always do with families) as the secondary bed is tucked away underneath and extends sideways. It also offers 3 storage drawers.

If you would like any advice in choosing the perfect bunk bed for your child’s bedroom contact us today.


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