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4 Tips on choosing the right Recliner

If you really want to relax this winter, why not invest in your own super comfortable recliner chair? Forget about the sagging couch, once you sit in one of these chairs, you won’t want to get up!

1. Size

Size matters! Of course it does. There is no point picking out what you think is the perfect recliner only to find out that it takes over the room. Before you even start looking for a recliner, have a good look at the room it will be in. Visualise the space you want it to take up and then get out the measuring tape.

It’s important to remember that if you are getting a chair that fully reclines, you will need to allow for a lot of space at the back, up to 3 feet.

Once you know exactly how much space you have to work with, you will automatically be able to discount certain chairs. It will be much easier to do this at the beginning, before you have your heart set on something.

Avanti Swivel Recliner

2. Features

What features do you need or want? The mechanics of the recliner are important. Do you want one that works automatically at the push of a button or that is controlled by a lever? If you have mobility issues or are buying the chair for an elderly person, this can be crucial.

Or perhaps you would prefer the flexibility of just having a swivel chair with a matching footstool. A footstool will give you more sitting options.

Then there are the extra features you might want such as a massage option or a tilt and lift option to make getting out of the chair easier.

3. Design

What material do you want your recliner to be made out of?  Leather is generally the most popular option. It is durable, easy to clean and matches most interiors.  However, if you have pets of the canine or feline persuasion, leather doesn’t handle claws well and is easily scratched.

Aside from leather there are a number of other fabric options, such as cotton microfibre. You could also go for a leather substitute such as Pellaria, which is breathable, robust and easy to clean, as well as being comfy.

Picasso Recliner

4. Comfort

In the end, this will be the most important thing. After all, the reason you wanted to get your own recliner is because you were looking for comfort. There is no point buying a beautiful leather recliner with a built -in massage feature if it’s not actually that comfortable to sit in.

Important things to consider are does it have extra padding to support your lower back and your head? Does the leg rest support your whole leg and is it at the same height as the chair? Finally does the chair have enough cushioning for your body shape?

You should be able to place your two feet on the ground while your bottom is at the back of the chair. Also make sure that the armrests are able to fully support your elbows.

According to Good Housekeeping magazine a good quality recliner should last at least 10 years. It’s worth bearing this in mind when trying to decide which one to purchase.

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