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Quiet luxury essentials

As furniture enthusiasts in Ireland we love to discover wonderful pieces for our interiors that emphasise premium quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. Our ethos is very much to buy well, buy once and we adore home style that develops over time to really represent the owner’s individual character. We look at five quiet luxury home essentials for investment pieces that stand the test of time year on year, season after season.

1. A good sofa

A good sofa is the heart of any home living room. The furniture equivalent of a classic blazer, it is a wise investment will serve you well and look fantastic for years to come. When you are choosing a sofa, it’s important to  think about comfort and style in equal measure. 

2. A quality mattress

The benefits of a good night’s sleep should never be underestimated. Choosing the best mattress for your bed will improve every minute you spend sleeping or relaxing reading a good book. Our range of mattresses offer unparalleled comfort and support, with options to suit all body sizes and favoured sleeping positions. 

3. A classic mirror

To fully appreciate the transformative effect of a good mirror in your home, take one down that has been hanging for a while and see how the mood in that room changes almost instantly. There’s no guilt attached to splurging on a beautiful gold framed mirror which will have the power to dictate the whole feel of a room. A mirror placed in a social space like the dining room or sitting room will reflect and increase the energy people bring to the room.

4. That mood lighting

Just as good jewellery will shine the face and highlight your good bits, the right lighting will uplift and transform any room.  A layered lighting scheme that includes floor lamps or table lamps as well as a central ceiling light will bring life to dull corners and inject personality and style into your room. Beyond the purely functional, a well-chosen light will be a feature in the room’s décor – an ornate chandelier or pendant light will be the difference between an average dining room and a glamorous party setting.

5. Storage with some chic design

Less is more when it comes to quiet luxury and there’s no doubt that minimalism is hugely chic, but it’s also far from easy to achieve. Having a place for everything is an aspiration for many busy households and investing in versatile storage is the place to start. Create peace and order in the living room or bedroom with a sideboard or chest of drawers to stow away clutter. Then showcase your beautiful things in a cabinet with open shelves that also has closed cupboards so that you can stash and style in equal measure. 

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