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Why have an Extending Dining Table

When having extra guests round at your home, you’ll need a dining table that guarantees everyone a position - extendable dining tables come into their own at family get together's and large dinner parties. Our extensive collection allows you to accommodate extra guests in style, with a range of different sizes, designs and materials, including modern rectangular and traditional round extendable dining tables. Larry O'Keeffe's stunning range of stylish extendable dining tables will allow you to enjoy both everyday meals as well as larger gatherings around the same table. An extending dining table doesn’t always have to be bigger is better – we offer a range of size options, so even if it’s a small extendable dining table that you need, we’ve got you covered.

Everyone has experience at some time or other where a few more guests have turned up than you anticipated. Our extendable dining table range can help ensure that there's plenty of space for all of your evening dinner guests. We have modern twists on classic designs, drop leaf dining tables, handcrafted models, silky-smooth extending mechanisms, as well as traditional round extendable dining tables that are both practical and pleasing on the eye.

So you might ask, what makes the perfect dining table? It’s a combination of things, great looks, excellent quality and a style that matches the room. You also have to consider how you use it. Do you regularly entertain large groups, or is it simply just yourself or a partner who eat at it? Ultimately that will determine the size of table you need. Once you’ve gone through all these factors, it’s relatively easy to decide on a dining table. 

Ideal for tight spaces

With a small extendable dining table you won't need to compromise when it comes to style as they're available in a selection of on-trend designs and materials, including shiny glass top and ultra-modern ceramic dining tables. Increase your dining space with a round extendable dining table and chairs. From faux leather to high quality upholstered dining chairs, you can find both comfort and effortless elegance.

Made for the contemporary home

Modern homes with contemporary decor almost always benefit from a modern extending dining table. The current trend is all about light shades, shiny surfaces and perfectly straight edges. It’s a look that fits perfectly with the modern home, especially those that have great lighting, as the shiny, reflective surfaces come to life when lit up. Also very popular are ceramic-topped dining tables for their truly hard-wearing properties. 

Extending mechanisms

When it comes to that extension all of our tables can be quickly transformed when you need the space. At Larry O'Keeffe Furniture you’ll find traditional rectangular or oval tables that look great in the middle of a room, small round tables that can occupy any awkward corner, and square dining tables that get the most of the width and length of your space. Our extendable dining tables feature a few different mechanisms too – some have a simple flip top or drop leaf design, whilst others offer a more discreet twist function or conceal a hidden extension leaf inside. If you want something more traditional, you can’t go wrong with a heavy, solid oak extending table. 

Space for all the family

There are numerous types of dining table, with subtle differences and lovely features, all throughout our collection. You can even pair it up with some stunning chairs giving you a table that can make every meal that little bit more memorable, whether you’re on your own or surrounded by laughter, great food and conversation. Anyone who has hosted a family gathering will know how quickly space can become a concern. A standard dining table may be more than suitable for your household, but when inviting guests over, ensuring each person has their own space at the dining table can be a challenge..

Our full range of beautiful, traditional dining tables and more modern, innovative pieces makes for a collection that offers you the best of all worlds. Not only are they highly practical for dinner with the whole family, they also add aesthetic value that is guaranteed to flatter your dining room decor on a daily basis. Our range of extending dining room tables comes in a wide choice of materials, from minimalist glass to characterful wood.

Whatever you choose you’re sure to find the perfect match at Larry O'Keeffe Furniture, so why not shop online today.

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